Inner Scent of Noise


I am sensitive to the sounds in daily life, When a familiar voice into my ears, memory fragments will emerge. I think the voice from life is in the depths of the memory, affects the feeling. so I start to collect the voice which happened with a story and packaging them, make vision to interpret the feeling that from deep of heart, and invite the viewer to share the their feeling when they watch the image, use the voice from daily life to to interaction, let viewer to recall the story in the depth of the memory.

Every photo has a story, and clumsy narrators will try to write explanatory texts to express what they want to say specifically. In fact, the less obvious the point of view of an image, the more it can attract the audience to read and think deeply. When the story told by the photo is not particularly obvious, but the audience can understand with a little effort, there will be a sense of accomplishment, like Obscure jokes, because it takes a little effort to understand the stalks, they seem more interesting. Everyone has their own way of expression, just like writing a book, we can write very similar, but no one will be like others. I think everyone has their own label for sound. Sound has a soul in a certain environment. It will evoke a certain segment of people’s memory

Maybe it’s anxiously waiting for the coming subway in the crowded subway,
Maybe it’s the first breath of fresh air after I got up in the morning and opened the curtains and opened the window
Maybe it was walking on the way home after finishing a working day late at night.

So from a spiritual level, jump out of the inherent music album thinking. Record the subtle fragments of life into audio, and I use the small fragments accumulated in life. Extract interesting key points.