Nutrition Information

Package Design

Food safety has been a hot topic in China, there are some certain drawbacks in the package of food we purchased such as instant food, snacks, drinks, or energy drinks in daily life, these packages did not pass down effective information to customers at first sight. Instant noodles are taken as an example: we have a strong desire to eat and buy as we are easily attracted by the tempting package, while few people pay attention to the effective information such as food ingredients, nutritional information as well as a notice on the other side of the package.

I use two basic colors -red and green colors as primary vision, The green part shows information that is good for the body, The red part warns that diseases that may cause, a particular group of people may not be able to eat, and so on, I try to make it as visible and distinguishable as possible in the selection of colors, First I decided to use the big red pure green but then felt they are too serious. So I used colors similar to the color of matcha and lollipop after adjustment.
The manual matched with packaging is a more detailed interpretation of the label content in three parts:
  1. Introduction to your body.
  2. The schematic diagram of key nutrient elements of the body and their corresponding diseases,
  3. How to consume and information to be noticed.

The front includes the bar code of the goods, essential nutrients, warnings, and recommendations for special groups, basically covering the information needed for purchasing goods. The main function of the back is what you want to choose and avoid when you choose food, and the gradient color swatch gives you the most intuitive comparison, and even in certain cases, you can probably know ingredient content by color concentration. There is a bar code on the back of the packaging, and by scanning it with a mobile phone, you can also read the information on the product. All information forms can be printed and applied to different packaging according to different packaging sizes for food with no material limits. I also made a wristband to meet different sizes of packaging.